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Does Mind Control Work?

Does Mind Control Work?: By A. Thomas Perhacs

There are several different types of mind control. The ability to control your own mind is of the utmost importance, because without self control, you will never be able truly get to a place in life that you will really enjoy.

Self Mind Control is really the only kind of mind control that you really have as you will read below you will see that these concepts will work for you.

There is also the mind control of others. This of course is a little more difficult and in some terms not even a reality. The reason is that you never really get control over someone’s mind…..  They must  give you the control.

You can’t force anyone to do anything…..Even if you hold a gun to someone’s head and ask for their money, they ultimately will be the one making the decision to give you the money or not.

Many POW’s that were in Vietnam never divulged a thing to their captors, even while being tortured, while others sang like cannery’s immediately.

So in this example, who really had the mind control? The mind control is based on who’s mind is stronger. Sometimes it is the person that you are looking to influence and sometimes it is the influencer….It all depends on strength, or….. does it?

There are ways to subtly gain the ability to control someone’s mind, but these techniques are considered very unique and esoteric. We teach these covert types of techniques so that you can benefit from being able to invest in our courses today. This will allow you to take full advantage of what is offered.

Covert mind control and influence can be done right in front of the person or at a distance, it all depends on how strong your focusing power is and the amount of controlling or influencing that you are looking to do.

For instance, if you tried to influence or control someone to do something that was totally against what they would ever even consider doing, it would be harder than if you just used some influence or control to tip the scales in your favor.

Example: You are buying a house and you want the owner to come down $20,000 in order for you to buy it.

This is a lot different than you wanting the owner to give it to you for free, which would totally go against the reason he/she is selling it.

In this example you could temporarily control or influence their mind long enough to see the value in dropping the price by $20,000.

So, how would you do this mind controlling? You would use your skills of persuasion and hypnotic influencing to get the seller to see the benefits of selling the house to you for $20,000 less than the asking price.

Mind control is such a sinister phrase. That is why I like to refer to it as “Mind Influence” because after all you are really not controlling the person, but you are certainly influencing him or her.

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