June 6, 2011

Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis

When ever the word hypnosis comes up people conjure up pictures of someone waving a medallion on a string in someone’s face and making them to start barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken.

This could be considered stage hypnosis, but what we are going to be talking about is real hypnosis, conversational hypnosis, where you can influence someone on the spot and with conversational tones.

One of the things that must be understood about Hypnosis is that we are being hypnotized in one form or the other all day long! There really is no difference between being put in a trance by a Hypnotist or by a television commercial designed to sell you a product.

We have two distinct minds, the sub-conscious (unconscious) and the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is the part of the mind in which we knowingly make decisions on our behavior or thoughts, while the sub-conscious is the portion that actually accepts everything that we experience and stores it for when ever we need it.

The ability to subliminally influence someone is where you can talk into someone’s sub-conscious mind. This is where Covert Hypnosis comes in. Covert Hypnosis works, because it is designed to gain access to someone’s mind in a way that they are not even aware of…

The sub-conscious mind takes in everything that you feed it, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t know the difference between what is right or wrong, it just acts on what you put into it.

So, when you put enough information into the sub-conscious mind, you are going to get an action or reaction. So as not to go beyond the scope of this article and to not go down a scientific rat hole…

I want you to understand the following:

  • The Sub-Conscious is always turned on (even while sleeping)
  • It even interprets non-verbal communication
  • It can and will be influenced by what is placed in it
  • Hypnosis deals with directing the sub-conscious mind to take action on what you command of it.

Anytime you are driving a car, you are putting yourself into a hypnotic trance because your mind goes into an auto pilot mode and you can actually do several things at once and not think consciously about them.

For instance, you see the car in front of you put on their brakes (brake light). You don’t need to consciously tell yourself to pick your foot from the gas and place it on the brake peddle, you just automatically through the message that you received by the brake light going on to move your foot to the brakes. This is a form of Self-Hypnosis.

Have you ever day dreamed? Well, day dreaming is a form of visualization and while visualizing, you are in a trance like state. This is another form of Hypnosis, called Self Hypnosis

We refer to Trance as a strength of concentration. This concentration can be something that you do yourself or one that someone else directs your mind to do.

When you have your mind directed in such a manner, it is very easy for someone to influence you, if they know how to do it properly.

What our course will instruct you to do is how to influence someone’s mind and give it instructions. These instructions should be a win for both parties so that the benefits are mutual.

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A. Thomas Perhacs: Author, Creator, Visionary

A. Thomas (Al) Perhacs is the author and creator of several esoteric courses, manuals and mentoring programs. He is an accomplished Martial Artist, Hypnotist, Mentalist and widely regarding in various esoteric fields of study..For some really good FREE training, fill out the form on the right to receive videos, audios and reports that will allow you to break free from limitations and create the attitude of a “Controller”

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