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“This Boot Camp Was Specifically Designed For My Mentoring Students, Who Pay As Much as $297 per Month To Work Directly With Me…

This is The Most Comprehensive Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp You’ll Find with Over 14 Hours of Content...

I Dare you To Look Around At The Other Courses…You’ll Be Back! “

Now, This Can Be Yours For a Whole Lot Less!



Dear Friend,

How many times have you tried to become a Controller of your life but have failed time and time again? Aren’t you frustrated? Wouldn’t you like to once and for all to have a solution that will enable you to have the skills of the most revered Hypnotists, Mentalists and other Controllers?

A lot of people have searched high and low to find a Hypnotic Training System that is both comprehensive and cost effective, but most of the time other programs  over-promise and under-deliver.

I was in your shoes before, which is why I can relate to how you’re feeling right now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Hypnosis, NLP, and other Mind Sciences training over the years…Can I be totally upfront with you?

Most of it was taught by people who couldn’t even use the skills themselves let alone teach them… In fact, once I had amassed my training information, I knew I could do it better and easier to learn and more importantly utilize in real time!

So, I created my Manipulation Manual and Course….I actually wrote it from my own notes, not knowing if people would even want to purchase it…

I was wrong…People loved the Manipulation System and since that time, I’ve created close to 20 different systems of training on Hypnosis, Mind Power, Meditation, Qigong, Subliminals, Attraction, Psychic Energy, and many other cool topics.

So, I decided to do something that I have only done for my personal mentoring clients, and that is create an actual week by week Boot Camp of how to Hypnotize like a Pro!

I’ll take you through over 14 hours of detailed content on how you can become a Controller of your life with the use of Hypnotic Influence. This system is all meat and doesn’t contain any fluff or filler…

Mind Force Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp


Special Limited Time Offer!

Mind Force Hypnosis Boot Camp- 2 Week Trial

Inside The Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember):

You Will Receive 2 Weeks/ 14 Days Access to my New Hypnotic Influence Book Camp For $1!

This Is One Of My Most Ambitious Projects To Date

You will get Access to the first 2 weeks/ 14 days of my totally new “Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp”. This 12 week system will show you exactly how Hypnotic Influence Specialists use these skills day in and day out to effectively become a World Class Controller….

This Boot Camp contains over 14 hours of Video and Audio files for you to download…I’ve added several PDF documents each week for your progress as well…

This is the most comprehensive Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp you’ll find anywhere (go ahead I dare you, look around…You’ll be back!)

This Boot Camp Consists of the Following:

12 weeks of jam packed Hypnotic Influence Training guaranteed to take your skills to the highest level…

Over 14 Hours of Content with Videos of Advanced, Concepts & Methods for Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuasion





Over 14 Hours of Content with MP3 Files and Audio Files for you to download directly to your IPod or CD.





  • PDF Documents and Transcripts of the concepts learned.


Since this is a special promotion, I am allowing you 14 day access to this Boot Camp and then if you like what you are learning, you can continue at the preferred rate of only was $67 $39.97 (Save 50%) per month for 3 months (Less than $10 per week).

Once I fully release this product, it’s going to sell for $297 or $119/month for 3 months. In fact, I’ll probably allow downloads for each Module for around $29.97 each….For a limited time you can get the Boot Camp for a fraction of that cost…

You get the first two (2) modules for $1 ($60 Value!)

This Special $1 trial can and might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information…

The “Boot Camp” runs for 12 weeks (Actually 13 weeks), and contains the most up to date and cutting edge information on Mind Force Hypnotic Influence. Once you complete the 12 weeks, you can receive a certification as a “Hypnotic Influence Specialist” (once certification qualifications are met).
If you wish to cancel, just contact our support staff here before the 2 weeks is up and we will cancel your boot camp immediately..
(This Boot Camp Will Be Going Up to $119/Month Very Shortly)


Check This Out…Here’s What You’ll Learn


Module #1-“Manipulation Factor”

(54 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

In this Module, you’ll learn:

  • How to “Wrap Your Package” for increased  ability to persuade
  • 3 Separate Hypnotic Methods That Work Like Magic
  • The Keys to Learning Hypnotic Language
  • How to Get Out of The Comfort Zone
  • The Secret of Beginning with The End in Mind
  • Learn How to Access Your Control Factor
  • Why All Learning is State Dependent
  • Using Energy as a Projection Method
  • Why Your Mind is a Transmitter
  • How to Create a Web of Powerful Suggestions
  • Hypnotic Influence for Men and Women
  • 3 Keys for Persuasive Power



Module #2-“Super Dynamic Self Hypnosis”

(88 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • How to Influence Your Subconscious Powerfully
  • Why Your Subconscious is like a Computer Hard Drive
  • How to Create Auto-Suggestions That Work
  • Discover the Concept of Absolute Control
  • Learn Super Concentration Methods
  • Effective Visualization Techniques that Work Like a Charm
  • Why You Need to Project The Image
  • Why Auto-Suggestions and Affirmations Don’t Work
  • The Proper Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
  • How The Subconscious Uses Questions to Get you Answers
  • The “Process Method” Explained
  • The 10 Keys to Self Hypnosis



Module #3-“Amazing Trance Methods”

(85 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • The Secret of the “Trance-Fusion” Method
  • Understanding How Trances Work
  • The Qualities of Being a “Trance Specialist”
  • Your Strength of Personality
  • Trance Words, Fixation & Thoughts
  • The 3 Specific Degrees of Trance and How They Work
  • The Keys to the Trance Process
  • How to Increase a Trance
  • Special Tools of The Trance Specialist



Module #4-“Superior Communication & Influence Skills”

(67 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • How to Build Effective Bonding & Rapport Strategies
  • Understanding the Different Types of Communication
  • Why Rapport is Critical for Hypnotic Influence
  • How to Create an Instant Bond with Someone
  • The Proper Way to Model and Match Someone
  • The Significance of The Personality Types
  • The Keys to Understanding The (3) Different Modality Types
  • Effective use of “Buzz Words”
  • And Many More Cool Hypnotic Influence Tricks & Tips



Module #5-“The Hypnotic Game Plan”

(56 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • Why You Need to Have Reasons-Intents & Challenges
  • The Concept of Identifying if Someone is Moving Towards or Away
  • The Power of Your Presence
  • Subconscious Non-Verbal Communication
  • How to Increase Your Tonality for Hypnotic Influence
  • The Power of Your Eyes
  • Using Your Hands as Transmitters



Module #6-“Subliminal Strategies”

(58 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • How Subliminal Messages Work
  • The 3 Methods & 3 Messages
  • Discover the Power of Both Direct & Indirect Commands
  • How to Properly Use Embedded Commands
  • The Real Purpose Behind a Subliminal Suggestion
  • Techniques for Making the Directive Work Dynamically
  • The keys to Embedded Questions
  • How to Use Negative Commands
  • Subliminal Messages in Advertising and How They Work




Module #7-“Power Words Part 1”

(69 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • The Most Potent Word Strategies That You Can use
  • Presuppositions and How You Can Get Them To Work More Effectively
  • How To Create “Nominalizations”
  • Using Vagueness As a Super Method
  • Why Linking Words Hold The Keys to Structuring Your Patterns
  • How to Read Someones Mind With This Simple Concept
  • Have You Ever Heard of “The Missing Person” Pattern? Here it Is.
  • This Module Contains The Missing Links to Many Different Hypnotic Influence Patterns



Module #8-“Power Words Part 2”

(65 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • How to Give Someone a Lack of Choice That Always Comes Back to the Choice You Want
  • Use These Special “Timing Patterns” to Increase Persuasion by at Least 50%
  • How to Get People into Trance By Using the “Confusion Patterns”
  • Learn The Simple, Yet Effective Numeric Indicators That Always Work.
  • The Real Key to Stacking One Powerful Pattern on Top of The Other
  • Using The “Tie Down” Principle for Amazing Results



Module #9-“Hypnotic Stories”

(63 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • Discover the Effective Use of Stories and Story Lines in Your Hypnotic Influence
  • You’ll Learn the Massively Important Reason Why Stories Work So Well to Drop People Into Trance for You to Influence
  • Learn How to By Pass the Critical Factor on Anyone You Desire
  • Set an Outcome You Desire Neatly into a Story and Get Exactly What You Want, All The Time, Every Time
  • Why Every Story You’ve Told or Even Heard is Stored in The Subconscious
  • How to Create an Impression with a Hypnotic Story that Will Leave a Lasting Impression– Like Branding Someone’s Mind
  • The Amazing 4 Step Story Line Process That Works Every Time
  • How to Phase The Story with Both Content, Trance Words and Hypnotic Commands– Truly Sneaky Stuff!



Module #10-“The Art & Science of Hypnotic Writing”

(63 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • How to Use Hypnotic Writing for Personal, Business, Romance, and Advertising or Sales Efforts
  • Learn The Secrets of Stimulating Someone’s Mind Through The Written Word
  • Hypnotically Open The Mind Through Powerful Writing
  • Why Hypnotic Writing is Almost As Powerful as Speaking, and in Some Cases Even More Potent
  • How to Place Specific Commands and Directives into Your Writing
  • Learn All The Specific Delivery Mechanisms That Work Like a Charm
  • Discover the 3 Keys For Persuasive Hypnotic Writing Power



Module #11-“Setting Triggers & Post Hypnotic Suggestions”

(67 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • Learn the Mystery Behind Setting a Hypnotic Trigger on Your Subject
  • How to Get Someone To Recall What you Want Them To
  • The 6 Specific Trigger Mechanisms You Need to Know
  • How to Bring Back a Good  Past Memory and Turn it Into a Future Success
  • Using Physical Touches That Will Trigger Emotions Into The Future
  • How a Simple Gesture Can Trigger a Specific Action or Command to Be Activated
  • How to Reference People, Places or Things for Rapid  Recall
  • The 5 Ways to Time The Trigger for Immediate Results
  • Learn The Secret Method of Setting Potent Verbal, Mental and Emotional Triggers



Module #12-“Social Influence”

(59 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • Why Social Influence Contains So Much Power
  • Learn How to Become “Charisma Personified”
  • The Real Secret to Becoming a World Class “Controller”
  • The 6 Different Ways to Be Recognized as “The Alpha” in Every Situation
  • The 6 Organizing Principles of Social Influence You Absolutely Need to Know
  • The 7 Potent Tactics That Unlock the Keys to Social Influence
  • The Secret to “Reciprocity”
  • How to Gain “Social Proof” to Persuade People to Come to Your Way of Thinking
  • Learn How to Become an Authority Figure
  • The 3 Keys to Get People to Know You, Like You, Then Ultimately Trust You–A Really Powerful Tool!
  • Why People Want What They Can’t Have–“The Scarcity Play”
  • How to Hone Your Social Influence Skills to a Razors Edge



Module #13-“Question & Answer Session & Case Studies”

(59 minutes of both Audio & Video, plus Documents)

  • Your Questions Answered
  • Actual Case Studies Sent in By You


Over 14 Hours of The Best Training on How You Can Become a “Hypnotic Influence Specialist”

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! After the 14 day/ 2 week trial, you’ll be billed $67 $39.97 per month for Only 3 Months.

This $1 trial can and might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information…


If you take a closer look at the value I’m offering today, I  could have easily have asked for the standard $67 per month. However I choose not to do that because I really want you to take my experience and learn from it, so that you too can get Hypnotic Influence Skills  like I have.

Why would I do that?

It’s simple really. Once you’ve implemented the strategies and techniques I share, I KNOW you’re going to be on your way to becoming a controller  in 12 weeks or less. I also KNOW that once that happens, you’re going to tell your friends and family about me right?

So go ahead and Clicking the Add To Cart button below now to start learning how to become a Hypnotic Influence Specialist in 12 Weeks or Less!

Only $1

14 Day Trial – Then Only $39.97 for 3 Months (Was $67/month)

Claim Your Copy of “Mind Force Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp”
Right Now for Just $1

YES , Al, I want in! Please let me. I want to Test Run “The Mind Force Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp” Please Give me INSTANT access to this Hypnotic knowledge right now.I am aware that if I decide to stay a member after the 14 day/ 2 week trial, I wll be rebilled at the low rate of only $67 $39.97 per month (Less than $10 per week). I understand I’ll get…

  • The First Week’s Hypnotic Influence Lesson sent to my personal email, where you can ask any question about Hypnotic Influence. If the question is a good one, I’ll feature it in a video or MP3 File
  • PLUS: You get upgrades for life, anytime I decide to add a video, audio file or manuscript at no additional charge ($297 future value).

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $1 gets you instant digital access so you can start becoming a more powerful “Controller” starting today…

Have your credit card handy and click the happy orange button below.

You can get your hands on everything that’s in The Mind Force Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp for just $1.Plus you have absolutley nothing to lose with our 100% No-Risk, No Questions asked money back guarantee.

Yes, we’ll even fully refund your $1 you pay to test drive Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp for 14full days/2 Weeks.

Regular Price $67 Month (Soon going up to $119) Join For $1


Regular Price $67 Month Join For $1,Then Only $39.97

Instant Download – Instant Access

All Major Credit Cards and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

“This Boot Camp Rocks!”

I bought your Manipulation Manual and thought that was great info, but to have it described in detail with the instructions in the boot camp, really made it come to life. I also enjoyed the classroom or blackboard style training, which was easy to learn all the concepts from. You also included the worksheets which was extra helpful.

– Ted Mason, DE

In my opinion this is a total No-Brainer…I’m going to give you 14 days/ 2 weeks to try my new Boot Camp, and if your’re not totally thrilled with the content, you can cancel at any time…

I know that once you see the value of what I will be teaching, you’ll know this is exactly what you’ve been searching for…The Boot Camp will tie together alot of the concepts taught in my courses in a way that I haven’t ever done before…

I know you’re going to love it!

Powerfully Yours,

A. Thomas Perhacs

PS. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember my 100% Money Back Guarantee? Yes I’ll refund you in full if you aren’t on your way to becoming a Hypnotic Influence Specialist in 12 Weeks or Less. Heck, even if for no reason at all you want your money back – no problem! Our refund policy is “No-Questions-Asked”!

PPS-> I don’t know how long I will offer this $1 trial, so take advantage of this while you can, you’ll be glad you did…

Learn how to become a Hypnotic Influence Specialist in 12 Weeks or Less  by Clicking the Add To Cart button below to get started immediately…

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