June 1, 2011

Hypnotic Spirals

Look into my eyes…….Look at the device….Feel the power of the device….Let it allow you to go deeper….Hypnotic Spirals

Hypnotic Spirals: by A. Thomas Perhacs

Hypnotic Spirals: As you begin to evaluate whether or not you want to get involved in this type of training, you will at the least come away with a better understanding of the concepts involved. This should cause you to feel real good, because you will have increased your knowledge

Hypnotic Spirals One of the things that separates our methods of training from others, is our understanding of the totality of the hypnotic methods that are being used. Many experts in the field become so entrenched in the way that they have been doing things, that they fail to open up their eyes to the very real possibilities of other strategies.

There is more than one way to hypnotically influence someone. Some would have you believe that certain protocols must be in place for certain things to happen.

One very powerful way to hypnotically influence someone is by using the right tools. When you have the right tools, you are always going to be able to do a better job.

Years ago, I learned that if you have the best tools, you can do a better job, thus allowing yourself to become more of a master craftsman at your particular endeavor.

What we offer is training from several different viewpoints:Hypnotic Devices and Hypnotic Spirals

Conversational Hypnosis: This is our preferred method as it allows you to influence someone extremely covertly without them really even picking up on what you are doing.

Hypnotic Inductions: This is a very potent method as well, but the downside is that you must have a willing participant. This takes the covert aspect away from what you are doing, but if you are doing it for therapeutic reasons, it might be the better choice.

Energy/Strength of Concentration: This is the most esoteric of the three and focuses on how strong your will, belief and internal energy is to create those outcomes that you want to create.

Each one of these methods alone is powerful. When you put them together, you get a synergistic effect that allows you to increase your persuasion and influencing skills to a new level not imaginable by any one method by themselves.

So the tools or devices used boils down to the following:

* Tone of Voice
* Strength of Gaze
* Secret Word Strategies
* Subliminal Suggestions
* Bio-Energetics

Just by looking and staring at certain devices will cause you to go into a state of concentration or what is commonly known as trance.

Once you can effectively put yourself into a trance, you will then be able to put others into a trance that much more easily.

To learn more about how to use these devices, you will need to refer to the “Manipulation” Course and the “Twelve Devices that Almost Instantly Hypnotize”

Order the manipulation course today and begin to learn how you can experience the benefits of becoming a “Controller”.

In our course, Manipulation, we tell you exactly how to get these types of charts to work for you to use for business, relationships, romance or just plain fun!

hypnotic spirals

n our Closed Door Hypnosis course, we will instruct you exactly how to get subliminal directives to work for you to use for business, relationships, romance or just plain fun!

A. Thomas Perhacs: Author, Creator, Visionary

Hypnotic Spirals-A. Thomas (Al) Perhacs is the author and creator of several esoteric courses, manuals and mentoring programs. He is an accomplished Martial Artist, Hypnotist, Mentalist and widely regarding in various esoteric fields of study..For some really good FREE training, fill out the form on the right to receive videos, audios and reports that will allow you to break free from limitations and create the attitude of a “Controller”

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Hypnotic Spirals

Hypnotic Spirals


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