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Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Power of Your Subconscious Mind: By A. Thomas Perhacs

There are lots of extraordinary things that a person can do in times of an unfavorable event. For example, a person that is threatened can easily climb a tree or jump from a high wall without getting harmed. For thousands of years, these amazing actions have triggered many people’s interest to further study and to fully comprehend the power that lies in the subconscious.

The subconscious energy that inspires, motivates and help someone to reach his goals can be controlled through subliminal messaging. The word subliminal came from the Latin words sub and limen wherein sub means below and limen denotes threshold.

There are many stimuli such as sounds, images and emotions that the mind often times fails to notice because it is either too short or too weak to create an impact.

However, these unnoticeable stimuli can greatly affect a person in several ways. One example is sleeping right after watching a depressing movie can make a person feel empty and worn-out of energy upon waking up. Similarly, if someone read an inspiring book such as those that contains stories of bravery and achievement, it is most likely that one will wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

There are several practices that strengthen positive thoughts in someone’s mind such as making flashcards containing affirmative reinforcement and reading it everyday. Another way is by regularly listening to music or MP3 that can motivate a person.

In Subconscious Mind conclusion, subliminal messaging helps in self improvement. In fact, it can be used to realize objectives such as quitting smoking and enhancing self esteem. Furthermore, the goals that a person might have worked very hard for can be achieved with ease if subliminal messaging is done.


In my Control Factor Self Hypnosis course, we will instruct you exactly how to get subliminal directives to work for you to use for business, relationships, romance or just plain fun!

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