From Harmless Words to the Most Powerful Hypnosis Tool

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Travel back in time.


Is there an incident in your life when you did something completely out of your control? Do you feel you were manipulated? If so, how did it happen? If you were manipulated through words, then you have already experienced the power of hypnosis.


We don’t even realize how many words we use and how many words we hear. We ask questions, we chatter, or we simply comment on what is happening around us. With almost ten thousand words being said by each one of us every single day, isn’t it ironic how most people still think that words are harmless?


Now, do you wonder if words really have the power to transform your life? The answer is a resounding yes. They do. However, there are certain ways and specific people who can make this possible. Have you ever met a hypnotist?


A hypnotist is someone who can control a person using words. It sounds so simple, right? At this moment, chances are you think that you can also be one. But take a moment to ponder. If it’s that easy, then everybody of us would have been the same.


The secret lies on how you are able to choose the right words. It is true that you wouldn’t run out of what to say, but you must be very careful in choosing to make your words powerful. These certain words and phrases are what we called the power words.


Within the right choices of words, hypnotists would be able to stimulate your imagination. By carefully describing a step by step process of a specific action, they can activate your senses, and then slowly urge you to paint a picture in your mind. They have the power to create associations with you, and at the same time distract you when they want to.


It may sound cool but creepy at the same time. Every word has its own meaning, but if properly combined can be the most commanding of all. But the most surprising of all is that, you are not controlled by someone who hypnotizes you – like we are made to believe. Instead, you focus on following their voice and their suggestions. The real essence is-you’ve been mind controlled.


If you are interested on how hypnosis really works and what the power words are, there are toolkits and trainings available online. The hypnosis language is just beyond your reach; just make sure you have the discipline to get engaged. Always remember, nice words and phrases are naturally engaging, but arranged and spoken the proper way can give you more control than you ever think of. Being careful is a must.


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