Rapid Hypnosis Induction

Rapid Hypnotic Induction

Rapid Hypnotic Induction: Hypnotize in Less Than Nine Seconds

Hypnotic-How quick could you hypnotize someone? Stop for a moment, and imagine what it would be like, and how much fun you could get if you could hypnotize someone instantly.

Is Hypnosis Difficult?

Hypnotizing someone quickly is really really easy.

In fact, many times its easier to hypnotize someone instantly than with a long induction. All you need is to learn proven hypnosis techniques and follow them properly add a bit of confidence.

People will drop into trance like a rocket if you just tell them to. Of course you still need to know the correct technique and confidence only comes from practice because…

Confidence is key to hypnotic success.

Confidence is a critical factor for your hypnosis success.

If you don’t have confidence, then you will probably not succeed. But if you start your hypnosis practice with confidence then you will have positive attitude and succeed in this way.

Hypnotize People in 6 Seconds

Now, you have some basics about hypnotizing others. So it is time to start your first hypnosis practice today.

The biggest hindrance to hypnotizing someone is fear. So its important for you to show confidence and remove all fears that your friend/subject may have before trying to induce them into hypnosis.

So your first task is to calm your subject. When subject is in relaxed state, do the following actions. Take one of his arms and ask him to look at your eyes.
Ask your subject if they are ready to be hypnotized. Once they say yes, its almost certain he will go into trance. This is called “a hypnotic contract”.

Next make your subject look at your the tip of your index finger. Put your hands gently at the back of his head, cradling the back of his head. Slowly trace your index finger up and down and side to side, be sure he is following your finger, when you feel ready all you have to do is lower your finger and as you notice his eyes following your finger downward, suddenly and without warning say the word sleep, pull your subjects head forward and down gently as you do so.

Your subject is now in a state of trance. You will have to keep speaking and giving him instructions to keep going deeper after that you can start by having your subject do simple things that cause them to deeper into trance – This is a very easy instant hypnotic induction and can be done in just seconds any where and any time.
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