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Weight Loss Self Hypnosis?

Weight Loss Self Hypnosis?: By A. Thomas Perhacs

weight loss-Crash diet, intensive workout in the gym, aerobics, liposuction, jogging, and diet pills – these are the usual things we think of when we talk about losing weight. Many individuals are overly frustrated when it comes to weight issue, especially when you think of the tedious activities and self-control you need to do in order to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

Losing weight is not easy. Some have resorted to surgery (like liposuction and gastric bypass/bariatric surgery) to easily obtain a slim body. Others have tried numerous diet plans (like the South Beach diet) and diet pills, which may (or may not) have side effects in the long run.  And most have spent hours and hours in the gym to achieve that perfect body. But not everyone may get the same effect as compared to others.

Several factors have to be considered in weight loss. One is food intake. There are those who believe that cutting down on their calorie or carbohydrate intake may aid in their weight loss. They may work, but the body is being deprived with certain nutrients that it needs to function properly. If food is eaten in a balanced way (taking into consideration the protein, fiber, fat and other nutrients), the body will conform to the weight and will give you the energy needed.

Another consideration is the motivation. One should think why he/she wants to lose weight. Is it for myself or for others to see and treat me differently? “I have to be slim because this is the fad.” These are the usual reasons why people are obsessed with losing weight.  But one must think if the effort will make YOU happy, not anybody else. Also, one must think if this will make you more comfortable with yourself and feel more confident. So in the end, you don’t end up feeling more down since you did the effort of losing weight just because it is the fad or it’s for another person and it was not appreciated or noticed after all.

To further aid a person in his/her weight loss battle, hypnosis can be of help. With the subconscious mind awakened thru hypnosis, it would be easier to instill in a patient’s mind certain ideas or factor that are needed in weight loss. For example, a hypnotist may associate burger and fries with dizziness and instill this in a patient’s subconscious mind. Thus, when the patient sees a burger and fries, he will feel dizzy or nauseous. Positive comments and thinking may also be introduced in a patient’s subconscious mind to continuously guide him and motivate him throughout the weight loss process. The idea of you being in control of your weight loss, the self-fulfillment that you can achieve, and the new-“you.” Doing a few minutes of exercise may help, too.


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