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You will get the Manipulation Manual for FREE, Just Pay the normal $9.95 us or $19.95 foreign s&h…You can cancel the Boot Camp anytime before the 14 days is up. If you decide to continue the Boot Camp, you will be billed $39.97 for 3 months (Regular Price $67 for 3 months).

Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence

Taken from my personal notes, I place this book as one of the best reference manuals on how to Influence and persuade with power…

Recently updated, this masterful work will give you the skills needed to take your hypnotic techniques to a new level…

This book has been sold for as much as $39.95 by itself, and I may even decide to remove it from the library because of it’s immense value…

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn…

  • Discover the concept of Hypnotic Distancing: Learn the six (6) covert influencing techniques to persuade at a distance, where time and space is not a limitation
  • Learn Mind Power Methods Used By The Master Mentalists: How to get into someone s head and get them to verify that your suggestion is the right suggestion
  • Adapt “The Persona”: Generate the bold and confident attitude of a  Master Persuader
  • Unlock high velocity energy transmissions to get someone s attention: Invoke someone to do what you want, when you want.
  • Quadruple Your Rapport Skills: Build Rapport with someone new like they were an old, long lost friend
  • Bonding Tactics that work like magic: How to get people to Know You, Like You, and Trust you on the spot
  • Hypnotize & Influence Instantly: Exactly what it says!! Instant induction methods! Put the trance on so fast, the person won’t even know they’re under your influence!!
  • Close to 70 Suggestive Sentences: These are some of the most powerfully suggestive predicates that all of the most successful hypnotists use to influence with control.Easily worth the cost of the entire book
  • Stimulus Response Triggers and how to set them: Use this method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a potent mechanism to recall the same state as when you originally hypnotized them.
  • Lose Weight, Earn More Money, Find Love: When you are the controller, anything is possible
  • Harnessing Your Voice as a Propulsion System: How creating a commanding  Power Voice will increase your ability to hypnotize exponentially
  • Use The Applied Transfixion Tactic: Five (5) super powerful ways to induce a trance like state within anyone at anytime
  • The Dominance of Autosuggestion: The 7 key ways to put yourself into a trance to create an even stronger trance in others
  • Applied Force Techniques: Advanced language patterns designed specifically to persuade and influence in any area
  • Instantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, Every time you use it….We call it “POWER MIND” (Advanced Concept)
  • How to guarantee your skills will work under “real conditions”!
  • Subliminal Influence at the Highest Level: Subliminal phrases that work so well you ll think you are cheating
  • Create your own techniques on the fly that will work every time)
  • Instantaneous Suggestibility: How to phrase things with a smoothness that generates instant suggestibility
  • Initiate a Conversation with presuppositions: Recognize why certain sentences presuppose an outcome that you design
  • Golden Key Method of Covert Persuasion: Using emotional language to get people to want what your offering
  • Mental Re-focusing Techniques: The one technique that ties someone s mind up so that you can gently place a command right in
  • And SO Much More…

Limited Time Bonus Video- $29.95 Value


Limited Time Video Reveals Hypnotic Influence Secrets…

Limited Time Bonus Audio- $19.95 Value


Bonus Audio MP3 File On “Getting Started with Manipulation”

Price: $39.95

The Best Training Manual on How You Can Become a “Hypnotic Influence Specialist”

You Pay Nothing Extra Today! After the 14 day/ 2 week trial, you’ll be billed $67 $39.97 per month for Only 3 Months.

This FREE Manipulation Manual Offer might be removed at any time, so know that you are among the first to learn this dynamic information…


Since I first published this manual in 2001, thousands of people all over the world have been delighted with the results they have gotten from Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence.

This manual sells everyday on Amazon.com for over $30, and now you can get it for FREE ! Just pay the normal shipping and handling fee and this amazing information is all yours.

It’s simple really. Once you’ve implemented the strategies and techniques I share, I KNOW you’re going to be on your way to becoming a controller  with this sure fire method.

So go ahead and Clicking the Add To Cart button below now to start learning how to become a Controller with Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence!


14 Day Trial – Then Only $39.97 for 3 Months (Was $67/month)

Claim Your Copy of “Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence”
Right Now. Just Pay The Regular Shipping Fee


YES , Al, I want to be a Controller! Please let me. I want a copy of Manipulation… Please Give me INSTANT access to this Hypnotic knowledge right now.I am aware that if I decide to stay a member after the 14 day/ 2 week trial, I wll be rebilled at the low rate of only $67 $39.97 per month (Less than $10 per week). I understand I’ll get…

  • Full Access to The Manipulation Downloads and Bonuses + a Hard Copy Will Be Shipped to My Home or Office
  • The First Week’s Hypnotic Influence Lesson sent to my personal email, where you can ask any question about Hypnotic Influence. If the question is a good one, I’ll feature it in a video or MP3 File
  • PLUS: You get upgrades for life, anytime I decide to add a video, audio file or manuscript at no additional charge ($297 future value).

Your entire package is waiting for you to claim it. Just $1 gets you instant digital access so you can start becoming a more powerful “Controller” starting today…

Have your credit card handy and click the order button below.

You can get your hands on everything that’s in The Mind Force Hypnotic Influence Boot Camp for just for FREE. 

Plus you have absolutley nothing to lose with our 100% No-Risk, No Questions asked money back guarantee.

Regular Price $67 Month (Soon going up to $119) Join For FREE today with your FREE copy of Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence


All Foreign Orders Below

Instant Download – Instant Access

All Major Credit Cards and Online Checks Accepted

Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

“Manipulation is a Great Resource!”

I have bought many hypnosis books and manuals, and for the price, Manipulation is the best, most concise manual on the market today. When you say, you have no fluff in the book, you really mean it…I was able to apply many of the techniques I learned from NLP with the help of your manual..–Great job!

– Albert Deronche, Germany

In my opinion this is a total No-Brainer…You get my Manipulation Manual for free and I’m going to give you 14 days/ 2 weeks to try my new Boot Camp, and if your’re not totally thrilled with the content, you can cancel at any time…

I know that once you see the value of what I will be teaching, you’ll know this is exactly what you’ve been searching for…The Boot Camp will tie together alot of the concepts taught in my courses in a way that I haven’t ever done before…

I know you’re going to love it!

Powerfully Yours,

A. Thomas Perhacs

PS. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember my 100% Money Back Guarantee? Yes I’ll refund you in full if you aren’t on your way to becoming a Hypnotic Influence Specialist . Heck, even if for no reason at all you want your money back – no problem! Our refund policy is “No-Questions-Asked”!

PPS-> I don’t know how long I will offer this, so take advantage of this while you can, you’ll be glad you did…

Learn how to become a Controller with Manipulation– by Clicking the Add To Cart button below to get started immediately…

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