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From: A T Perhacs 
Subject: Get Your Goals Here!
New Jersey, USA
Thursday, 8.23pm

Dear Seeker of Knowledge,

Have you ever set goals that didn't happen?

I know I have. It used to be frustrating to me. Every January 1st, I would set my New Years Resolution and goals hoping that this would be my breakthrough year. The year I would realize all of the good stuff I had been dreaming and yearning for...

I would set my goals, plant my feet and start working on them...Or so I thought!

And every December 31st, I would look back and wonder what happened?

Why hadn't I hit my obejectives like I wanted to?

I almost gave up on the whoe process of goal setting...

That was until I met a rather unusual or should I say "Tremendous" person.

Have You Ever Heard of The Man-Charlie "Tremendous" Jones?

Let me tell you a little about Charlie....

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones is one of the foremost authorities on motivation, sales and is a recognized speaker, who speaks to thousands. He is also the owner of one of the largest self-help and motivational book companies in the world...

As a matter of fact, many times, get their books from Charlie.

Just Google his name and you'll see what I mean...This guy is a legend.

When I had my technology consulting business, we had Charlie come in as our keynote speaker for our annual meeting. As usual, Charlie was tremendous...

I spoke to him afterward and we had a nice conversation. I bought a couple of his books, left our meeting and really thought nothing of it...

A Chance Meeting with Two Great Men

About a month later, my business partner Dan gave me a call. He said that Charlie and his daughter needed some help and since I was in NJ and Charlie lived in PA, could I meet him for dinner to go over the details...

Could I meet with him? Could anyone keep me from meeting him would have been a more appropriate question...

Keep in mind that this was several years before the concept of my website and even pre-dated my website..

I was so excited. I had an opportunity to meet one on one with a guy that had relationships with some of the greatest business, motivtional and inspirational minds of all time.

Guys like this charge thousands to consult and speak to companies every day, and here I was with an opportunity of a lifetime. I would not wast it, I could assure you...

What would you do if you had a chance to meet a great mind?

Hopefully, you woud take advantage of it and look it as an experience that few get...

I always believed (even back then) that I would be put in front of the right people at the right time, for the right reasons and that it would help me with whatever I was trying to achieve. Of course I still believe that today, but even more powerfully...

So, I call Charlie on the phone, and set up a time to meet with him to go over the details and go out to dinner. You know what he tells me...

"Al, when you come out, you can stay at my house, in my guest suite".

I'm like pinching myself....I'm going to not only go out to dinner and break bread with this great mind, but he is going to allow me to stay at his house...That is unbelievable. My excitement meter has hit an all time high at this point in my life...

I could not wait until the day came that I would drive the 4 hours to meet with him....

Can you imagine how I must have felt?

So, when the day comes, I put on my best suit and drive out to Pennsylvania to meet with Charlie. When I get there however, he explains that I will not be able to stay at his place, because he had a surprise guest stop over. An old friend he said...

That man's name was Don Hutson. Well, if you don't know who Don Hutson is, he is one of the most prolific sales trainers of our time, and is also one of the most sought after speakers in the world. Here is another guy, that shares the stage with guys like, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Zig Zigler and many of the top performers in the self-improvement industry...

Again, Google his name...

So, I lose my sleeping quarters to Don Hutson, but now I get to have dinner with two high performing achievers...

This really is like a dream come true for me, but it gets better. Because the dinner wasn't just a dinner and chew the fat seminar....Oh no, no, no...

This was my time to ask these two guys everything I could about sales, motivation and other areas of achievement...

The dinner lasted 3 hours!

I grilled them about everthing I could, took notes and made sure I got the most out of the time spent. This was before cell phones with cameras, otherwise I would have gotten photos with them as wel...

I Learned Secrets That Night That Changed My Life

I learned alot that night...

The funny thing is one of them talked about a "formula" or "method" of goal setting that was used by all of the big hitters. Thinking back, I don't even recall if it was Don or Charlie that mentioned it. I just rememeber writing the formula down on the back of a card that Don signed to me on his companies stationary. The card read.

Dear Al,

Great meeting you and having dinner with you. Hope you survive the move (I was moving into a new house).


Don Hutson

My time with these two great gentleman was a fantastic experience, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life...

As I drove back home, I started to think about this "formula" and how I could apply it to my business. Once I got back I started to apply it, and low and behold it started to unravel its precious secrets to me.

The funny thing is that the "formula" was simple. Almost too simple. The amazing thing is that it worked. When applied properly, it worked all the time every time.

I've used this formula for years myself and also shared it with consulting clients and those I have helped to develop over the years. It wasn't until December of 2006, that I decided to actually create a program around this terrific concept...

As a matter of fact, I created the course and gave it away as a Christmas present to anyone on my list that requested it. Like Santa Clause, I gave out thousands of presents. The gift of knowledge... A very special gift that if used properly could deliver anything you set your mind to achieve...

And now I can offer that present, that gift to you at a very affordable price that is sure to be something that you cherish, once you start to apply the "formula" for your own desires.

So, let me tell you what you are going to learn and how you are going to benefit from this terrific information.

Here is exactly what you will discover...
  • The 7 Keys to Getting Your Goals More Powerfully than ever before (without these keys, it might not work)
  • How to effectively forecast your goals from 1 day to 20 years
  • How to move your goals into "The Workshop of Your Mind" to make them even more powerful
  • The only way to stay focused on your goals like a heat seeking missile
  • Why you need to plan for obstacles and how to overcome them instantly
  • The simple starting procedure that determines whether you will get the goal or not
  • Why setting dates on goals is not effective unless you use this one strategy
  • The 3 "Perimeters for Success" that you must have
  • The real honest truth about having a coach or mentor You might be surprised by the answer!
  • How to effortlessly direct your future by adjusting your habits
  • Understanding the time frame needed to create all good habits and remove all bad ones
  • The 4 monumental questions you must ask yourself when setting new future objectives and goals
  • 30 different affirmations and autosuggestions that will enable you to pre-program your success like a master!
  • A Goal Setting Self Evaluation so powerful, it has never been released before, except to my closest colleagues and clients
  • The 30 Minute per day Self-Improvement method that will skyrocket your results
  • Learn the keys to staying bold and confident at all times
  • The Goal Getting Formula that will change how you direct all of your goals and objectives from this point on

What would something like this information be worth to you?

$100, $500, more? Of course it would, but I am going to make it so affordible that you will be able to pick it up without even thinking about it...

Many of the people that got this course as a Christmas Gift last year suggested I charge as high as $200 for the information, because it had such solid & valuable instruction...

I thought about pricing it at $100, but I wanted to make sure everyone could afford it. This is something I wanted everyone that came to my site or was on one of my lists could afford and get a great amount of value from.

So I decided on a price of $47 for the instruction and felt that was a fair price for the amount of powerful knowledge was contained in the material I had created.

For a Limited time only, I am going to allow you to pick up the entire set of instructions for considerably less money.

Now you can get this now for only $47 $27!

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By the time you decide it may already be too late!

Or there will be just too many people using this and I definitely want to maintain a certain level of exclusivity.

So Just Go Ahead and Do It!

The truth of the matter is that - You can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they're getting with their martial arts training, or you can take the step to discover these insider secrets.....


A.Thomas Perhacs

PS- I look forward to hearing your story of how well you got these concepts to work for you.

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