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Mind Power Products
by A. Thomas Perhacs


Mind Power Super Pack: Every course, every book, every MP3 that I have ever produced and written is in this gigantic vault of products that will enable you to take your Hypnosis, Attraction, & Mind Power skills to the ultimate level. It is truely the "Kitchen Sink" of all product packages at an amazing price.

Internal Power Centers: This unique course instructs on how to increase your abilityt to perceive different types of energy and use it for mind to mind communication, precognition, 3rd eye focusing, stilling the mind and many other useful concepts, methods and strategies.

Mind Portal : Course covers in-depth training methods for Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, OBE and other esoteric skills. Also, has very good information on how to use meditation for relaxation and other uses.

Magneto: Before "The Secret" came out, we were teaching the skills of attraction with very practical methods that work. Take your attraction skills to the next level with this one of a kind course. The manual alone, has so much good useable information, it will allow you to start thinking like an attracting mechanism immediately.

Power of The Mind: My original recording on The Power of the Mind and how it works. These 6 secret laws of the mind are ctritical for your success. There is no better product on the market that goes into this much detail.

Goal Getting Formula: I break down the simplest goal setting formula for maximum results, whether you are looking to lose weight, earn more money or get the job of your choice. This eye opening course de-mistifys the goal setting process and turns it into a "Goal Getting" process...Powerful Stuff.

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A. Thomas Perhacs