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"The 6 Laws of the Mind Exposed! Find Out How You Can Maximize It's Power"

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Master The Power of The Mind
A. Thomas Perhacs

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Our mind is truly the most powerful tool that we have, yet how many of us really tap into the full and complete potential of our mind?

Albert Einstein said that we only use about 10% of the full capacity of what our brain or mind can do!

What if you could learn some of the most profound laws of the mind and know for certain that once you mastered the concepts, you would in fact have better control of you mind?

Now you have in a short an concise format, the laws that make up the power of the mind. These are laws that govern how you either will harness the mind's capabilities or let them be taken over by the darkness of negativity.

To become a controller, one must learn how to direct all aspects of the mind in order be the person that you want and deserve to be.

This audio program contains the laws of the mind and explanations, and methods designed to allow you to gain access to the potential of your mind.

There are six Laws of the Mind, that if you follow will allow you to become a Controller. These laws are profound understandings of what it takes to harness the complete potential that our mind has to offer us.

Here is just some of what you will learn on this incredible CD that comes complete with notes.

The six laws of the mind and how you can leverage them to become a controller

Cultivating your mental images to create the quality outcomes that you want

How to block out negative images

The secret to building "Pure Thoughts"

The difference between Intent and Belief

How to quadruple the strength of your mental images

Defuse all negative thoughts instantly

Targeting your will for superior results

Why effort alone will not make you triumphant

The keys to Thoughts, Feelings and Words

Gain traction with your beliefs and then your actions

Several exercises and techniques to strengthen your mind power substantially

Many more proven concepts and methods that will naturally cause you to become a "Controller" with every area of your life.

The information on this CD, is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the value that you will receive. Many of these concepts have worked for some of the most successful people in the world and now can be yours.......

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A. Thomas Perhacs

A. Thomas Perhacs