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Imagine Having a Technology Which Can Enable You To Easily and With Precision  Attract The Things Your Heart Desires...

"Unleash The Secret Techniques , High Powered Strategies & Covert Attraction Tactics Which Took Me 15 Years to Compile and Hand Them Over To You In One Incredible System of Mind Blowing Tools!

Find Out Why THOUSANDS of People, All Over The World Choose My Unique Mind Force Training Systems.

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Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023Wednesday, February 20, 2008
From: A.Thomas Perhacs
Re: Mind Force Magnetism - Finally Released!

Dear Friend,

BRAND NEW - Now With Even More Covert Instruction

You've know doubt heard about the Secret...I wrote my original Magneto Course in 2002, several years before the Secret, and now you can learn actual, hands on methods to become a powerful attracting force...

There is a Secret! And that secret (actually secrets, because I don't leave any stone unturned) is contained in my fully updated Attraction System.

Ok, let me back up and give you a little history.

Let me introduce myself, my name is A.Thomas Perhacs and I have spent years developing some of the finest products, and courses of instruction on very unique topics. My goal has always been to over deliver and give people what they want...Cutting edge informaton that can't be gotten just anywhere...

I Am Starting a New Concept to My Product Line, That I Call "MIND FORCE TRAINING".

years ago, I completed my first work on attraction, entitled MAGNETO. It was an instant success and everyone who got a hold of that program absolutely loved it....On the other hand, I knew I had left some of the best things I had learned on the table and I have been looking to update it ever since....

My only problem was that I didn't have the time to re work the entire system

A.T. You've Done It Again...

The new Mind Force Magnetism System is even more powerful than your Magneto course...I can't believe you have released such potent information in such a concise and easy to understand and apply manner.- GREAT JOB!

Ron Cordis - California

Here is what I did.

I took my own advice and disciplined myself to sit down and compile all the missing parts and create a high velocity system of tools you'll absolutely love!

So over the years, I have trained literally thousands from every corner of the world to use these methods of atraction, hypnosis, meditation, and some pretty sneaky psychic awareness methods as well...

Warning: What I'm About To Share With You May Shock You

A lot of people who I have spoken to over the years, have seen me as kind of a mentor or coach in the development of their skills and attributes. I never intended to start out this way. I just took some ideas and shared them with my friends who I knew could use the methods for their own lives...I was reluctant to teach this on a wide scale, I wasn't a PHD or nationally known author, I was just a guy trying to make life work...

The thing is, I have been able to help alot of people, and I am greatful for that, but it wasn't always that way.

Check This Out....

You see, by the time I was 26 years old, I had a wife and (3) kids. I was in a really dead end job and had no real education (I dropped out of college after 2 years)... Speaking of dead end jobs, I've had so many it is hard to keep track of them all...

Deli Boy (Slicing Meats)

Retail Clerk (Hated This Job The Most)

Landscaper (At least I kept in good shape)

Pest Control Inspector (My take home per month was $827)

Lightbulb Salesman (I got fired after one month)

Waiter & Bartender (Did whatever I could at the time)

I was even so desperate that one time, I lied on my resume to get a job thinking they would never check my references....And they did.

Here I was, 27 years old without a job, the company that just offered me the job had to tell me they couldn't hire me because I lied on my resume...

They Said The College I Had on The Application Never Heard of Me!

Talk about humiliation...

We had no money...I mean none. My wife quit her job because I told her I had this new super fancy job and that she didn't need to work anymore...We were worse than seemed like all was lost...

We were so bad off, the church took up a special collection to help us pay our rent (remember this, because this is the first time I ever used the concept of attraction)...

I would like to say everything since then has been a piece of cake, but lets be honest...Life can be brutal...

I knew I had to do something to change my situation, but I didn't know how...I started to read every kind of self-help book, and listen to every tape I could get my hands on...

I started to piece things together. I started to associate with individuals who could mentor me and show me where my mental focus needed to be. I was so hungry, I would drive anywhere at anytime to learn a tid-bit here, an idea there.

Then I met the Guy That Changed My Life...

I met a man who had trained in some really esoteric martial arts overseas, and he was willing to teach them to me. These arts not only were fighting systems, but the internal training that is talked about in whispers...

This training was what I was looking for, but I got so much more...

You see I learned how to discipline my mind and body and create a reference point for what success meant to me. That one instructor lead me to another instructor, then another, and another, and yet even more high powered dudes that could help me to really realize my potential...

That is the essence of how I began and continue what I like to call my "MIND FORCE TRAINING".

I picked up little pieces here and there and started to put them into use. For example.

Once I Started To Use These Concepts:

I got jobs that only college graduates were qualified for

I created a reality of the house I wanted to live in (and live there today)

I drive the cars of my choice

I have created businesses out of thin air

I have persuaded others to work with me for the mutual benefit of both parties

I even found an old business  mentor of mine in the most unique way and  set up a joint venture that was worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to me over a several year period.

Life Can Change On a Dime Either Good or Bad

Sounds amazing considering the rough start doesn't it...It's all true, my wife can attest to that fact. I'm actually amazed she's stayed with me after all I have put her through over the years, but she's a trooper...

So what does this mean to you?

it means I am confident that I can offer you the secrets myself and others have used over the years to litterally attract whatever we want, when we want it...

It's easier than you think, but you must use the correct methodologies to get it to work effectively...If you don't use the correct sequance, it could have the exact opposite of the hoped for effect!

I have layed out for you in my new Mind Force Magnetism course, the exact methods used to harness the full and complete power of your mind to attract the desires of your heart...

I have put in years of learning and struggle to hone these methods down to a science. A science so powerful, you really need to experience to believe it... In fact when I first learned these methods, I only taught them to a handfull of people for fear I might actually wreck my good karma...

Do you know what I learned?

You always get more, when you give more...

How to Change Your Life Forever With The Amazing Strategies of Mind Force Attraction

What if you could just think about an outcome and make it happen?

"Does that sound incredible?  It should, unless you're pulse is flat lining......Do you want me to teach you  how to do it NOW!"

Sure. Get what you want, when you want it, but even better than that........GET IT NOW!

It's the Law of ATTRACTION. It's immutable.

FACTYou can set policy on the things you want to have happen in your life.

Imagine……Being able to attract Money, Health, Power, Romance, Anything you want…

What is it that you desire? 

The question is do you have what it takes to make it happen?

Focus is the Key. Once You learn how to focus on what you want, you can get it........The funny thing is no one ever explains how to focus properly to insure you get what you want, when you want it, every time, all the time....... In these powerful MP3s/CDs, I show you exactly how myself and others do it all the time........

Believe...........It can happen for you too......

Allow me to introduce you to a technology that can absolutely change your life......

Hey, I know what your thinking, everyone says that! 

As you read the information on this page you will come to a realization that what I am saying is the exact truth of how this will work for you!

That might seem to be a bold statement, but like me, you probably want more out of your life, More energy, more vitality, more ability to get the things in life that you want.

I have been writing courses, lecturing, speaking on national radio shows and building some new business ventures. I also have a family with 4 children, so you know I must keep pretty busy.

I’m sure you’re as busy as I am if not more busy, but you want to make a difference....

  A couple of years ago I learned a really neat thing. Something that literally transformed my life.

I learned how to increase my attraction power….

I learned how to get the things in life that I wanted, from health, money, business and personal relationships. I’m not perfect but I know some unique concepts that most people have never had the opportunity to learn.

Once you experience the value of what this has to offer, you will be amazed at the result you will get.

When I wrote my first work, Mastery Through Meditation, I knew I was filling a void in the market. There were thousands of books on meditation, but none that could boil down the essence of the strength you can gain from meditation. MTM accomplished that but left a void in other areas.

(Oh by the way, I am going to include MTM in this package, to give you more focused value and power, see below)

I then wrote my best selling curriculum, Manipulation and have literally been overwhelmed with the reception that I have received from people about that product. I have shipped Manipulation all over the world to satisfied customers, who like you, wanted to learn how to become controllers of their life.

At about this same time, I started to really crystallize in my thinking some of the methods, I had been using over the years to get the success I had gotten and I started to put together some ideas that I really only intended to use for my self and a few select people who I had become associated with over the years…..

However, I decide that this information could be used to allow you to succeed at a great level, and this is exactly what your looking for isn't it?

I can’t say I created the things I am now going to share with you, but I certainly took the time to test them, catalog them, update them and put them together in one totally cohesive curriculum that you will really enjoy.....

FACT: When you are ready to learn the skill, the teacher will arrive.

As a matter of fact, it will cause you to feel really good to know that with this course you are closer to the life you really want, need & desire.

When I say I tested them, I mean I use them all the time and they work probably better than I say they do….

By the way, you don’t need to have any experience with meditation, chi power training, hypnosis or any other study. The curriculum was designed for anyone to be able to use to get whatever their heart desires.

"What I’m here to do... is teach and share with you what I know about how to naturally & effectively use your own mind, body and spirit to attract what you desire."

To give you a little background on how I came across some of these concepts, let me explain…..

I had been training in the martial arts for several years, but had always heard that there was this “Internal” aspect to the arts that relied on using your own energy to defeat an opponent….

I researched for months on the subject of internal energy, chi power, prana, yoga, meditation and anything else I could get my hands on. One of the things I found out though, was that there weren’t that many people that could or would teach this kind of specialized training.

FACTMany of the masters went to their grave without disclosing some of their secret training methods.

I knew that if I knocked, finally a door would be open to me…. I traveled all over the country looking for someone that could mentor me in the power of the mind, body and spirit that I had heard and read so much about….

Finally I found someone that had the skills I was looking for and a whole lot more…. He showed me how to increase the power of my internal energy and substantially enhance and make my mind more potent.

We struck up a relationship and he taught me (and still teaches me today) how to be more effective in life…. I remember the first time I drove 10 hours to meet with him for just a few hours, to see if he really was that mentor I was searching for. He was, and that was over ten years ago. 

Today he and I are still friends, and we collaborate on several other products and services that are surely some of the most unique ones on the planet, guaranteed!

FACT: If you want something bad enough, you will get it, if you persist.

I then took the concepts, methods and strategies he taught me and went and learned from some other unique people he suggested I meet and study from…As you can well imagine, this was the chance of a lifetime, to learn from individuals that could do some amazing things with their mind and body….

So, after the success I had with MTM & Manipulation, I wanted to focus strictly on “The Powers of the Mind”. This allowed me to create my special report “Power of the Mind” and a top selling CD of the same name.

So after the Power of the Mind, I started speaking to different people and they wanted me to go into greater detail than what I did on the CD, so I decided to take some of the good stuff I had been using for my personal success and put together……MAGNETO, THE ENERGY OF ATTRACTION POWER!

FACT: You will get whatever you set your mind to deliver for you

Have you ever thought of something and then within a short period of time, it came to pass? I have and as a matter of fact do it all the time.......This one method is absolutely worth the entire cost of what I am about to approach you with (don't worry the value far, far, far outweighs the cost).

Again, we here this stuff all the time, but how many people really know how to break it down so that it is no longer throwing darts at a board blindfolded, but a science of the mind that you can create the out comes you want and desire like clockwork........

As you consider this information, you are probably thinking you've already learned everything there is to learn or that maybe I'm full of it........And maybe I am, but guess what? You'll never have access to the power if you don't make a move for your own future.......

Let me be your guide.....Not because I am so wonderful, but because I know some really remarkable skills that I can assure will work for you if you are willing to invest a little time and effort on the single most important thing in your life.......Your Mental Abilities.....

 FACT: "Change is the only constant in life. Come to terms with change and you can excel at anything in your life"

So, if you are willing to change the way you think and the way you program your mind, then you can take the principles in this information and cause it to work wonders in your life as well.

Let me just cut to the chase and let you know just how this powerful information will allow you to attract everything you want in your life.......The awesome thing is that I am going to offer you two (2) fantastic programs for the price of one (1)......Plus I'm going to persuade you to buy this now with some additional bonuses that will blow your mind.......

The more you review this page, the more you begin to find yourself wanting this information as it will cause you to get excited about the possibilities inside your mind.

As you read every word of this you will become amazed and overjoyed that you came across this....

Magneto & Mastery Through Meditation Goal Setting and Attraction Package

Two of my best selling courses at a savings you won't be able to pass up.....As a matter of fact, just the books alone in this offer are worth the entire cost of this.....I have also included (4) MP3 files that contain about 4-5 hours of highly coveted content designed to help you get to where you need to go......

Below is a list of all the tools you'll receive with this incredible package. Below are just some of the things you will learn with Magneto.

I took my list of the features I wanted to see in an ebook software. I kept the good features and then got rid of the bad ones. I was left with the most complete ebook software on the market.

After months of programming and going back and forth with my programmers I finally released the first version of eBook Generator.

That was 18 months ago, today...

Now eBook Generator 3.0

The End Result of Years of
Research and Development

This is the culmination of literally years worth of research and development. I can't take credit for this software. In fact I had very little to do with the actual research done to create this product. The research was done my customers who have requested features they needed..

If the feature gave my customers what they needed and wanted and it also fit into the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish with eBook Generator, we then went to work to figure out how to add it to the software.

Don't worry about me coming up with a better version down the road.


I have made numerous changes and updates in eBook Generator, each time making it better and better. You see I give LIFETIME FREE UPGRADES to all my customers.

I think it is only fair since you have taken the time and faith to make a purchase with me. I think my customers enjoy the FREE Upgrades too.

Lifetime Upgrades simply means... if I should ever make change or enhancements to eBook Generator in the future, you will receive the newest version for FREE for the rest of you life. I think this is pretty fair deal, and I am sure you will too.

Click Here Now To Start Your Own ePublishing Empire

Not only does eBook Generator have fantastic features...
We have more features than any other ebook software PERIOD!

Here is just a small list of the features you will get when you purchase eBook Generator in the next 5 minutes.

  • 12 Step Easy-To-Use eBook Wizard
    All you have to do is follow a simple 12 Step eBook Wizard that will guide you each step of the way to creating your ebooks. Help is never far away.
  • Project Template Files
    Need to edit an existing ebook? All you have to do is open the .ebg file and you will not have to create everything over from scratch. You can recompile everything in a matter of minutes with the changes you had in mind.
  • Use Your Own Logo
    If you look at your Internet Explorer or Netscape browser you can see the logo in the upper right hand corner. eBook Generator lets you customize your own logo that place for greater branding control.
  • "...everything an epublisher could want in a compiler"

    "The eBook Generator is bound to make waves in the ebook compiler marketplace! Not only does it contain almost everything an epublisher could want in a compiler, but you have added extras we wouldn't even have dreamed of such as "eBook Virus Prevention" and "eBook Usage Statistics." A full-featured powerhouse with an extremely easy to use wizard makes creating ebooks a snap. I definitely would recommend this to anyone, especially beginners creating their first eBook."

    Eva Almeida
    eBooks N' Bytes

  • Optional Change Logo URL
    When a user clicks on your logo, you can control where the user is taken to. You can direct them to your home page or any URL you choose to.
  • Enable Splash Bitmap
    You have the option of having a Splash graphic come up while the user is waiting for your ebook to load. This gives you a very professional image and the little bit of added customization.
  • Choose Length of Time for Splash Bitmap
    In many cases your ebook will load quite fast. We have given you the option to lengthen the time your splash graphic is shown. Select a longer or shorter time, it is totally up to you.
  • Outstanding Help Tutorial
    With our help file, you have a resource that will answer all your questions regarding the compilation of your ebooks. Have a question? Just click on the help button.
  • Internet Linking Capability
    You can link directly to the internet. This aids you with giving your readers information quickly that loads into the eBook Generator browser.
  • Dear Armand,

    I commend you on such a fine and easy product to use.  Your e-book generator  is a breeze to use.  When you advertise just 10 steps and 3-1/2 minutes you weren't kidding.  I have been using two other programs for producing my e-books and they were more time consuming to use. Sir, you have a great product at a great price.  I will definitely recommend your product to others.

    You did a good job.


    Jeff Botheroyd

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    • Choose From 11 Toolbar Buttons
      Totally control what your ebook will look like. You can choose to include or not include 15 different Toolbar Buttons.
    1. Home
    2. Previous
    3. Next
    4. Back
    5. Forward
    6. Stop
    7. Copy
    8. Search
    9. Full Screen
    10. Font Increase
    11. Font Decrease
    12. Print
    13. About
    14. Exit
    • Custom Security Features - Protect your work from thieves!
      • Single Password
        Protect your eBooks with a single password.
      • Registration Key System and Reg Key Generator FREE!
        Make your ebooks work on only one computer. You even get our Registration Key Generator to generate an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF REGISTRATION KEYS FREE!
      • Creates FREE Trial eBooks
        Give away FREE TRIAL EBOOKS! These ebooks can expire after either 1.) a certain number of days or 2.) after a certain number of uses. The user will then be required to purchase the product to access the information again.
      • Secure Certain Pages
        You can opt to secure only certain page within your ebook. Here is what I mean...

        Give a way 3 Free Chapters of your ebook, get the person hooked on your information then when they try to access Chapter 4 a screen will come up telling them they need to register or buy the ebook to access the rest of the information.
      • EBOOK DISABLING NEW - Read Below for more details!
    • 4 Tool Bar Control Fields
      Each of these functions are crucial in your users experience in viewing and using your ebook. You can enable or disable each one the choice lays in your own hands.
    1. Enable/Disable Toolbar - This is the toolbar across the top of the book. By keeping it, you make your ebook look like a web browser. By disabling it, you leave the controls in your HTML layout.
    2. Enable/Disable Menu - This is the wording you see at the top of most browsers. Usually this contains things like File, View, Edit etc. Some choose to keep it, while others choose to leave it out.
    3. Enable/Disable Logo - Whether it is our default logo or your own custom logo, you can choose to show either or simply not show any logo whatsoever.
    4. Enable/Disable Button Names - These names appear under the toolbar buttons themselves. It lets your end user know exactly what each button is for. Many times people do not recognize an icon or button and you can now point out to them exactly what it is

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    • No Temp File Extraction
      Many ebook compilers extract your information to temporary folder. This makes your information public for all to steal. eBook Generator, prevents this from happening by not extracting to the temp file at all and protecting your proprietary information.
    • Sub Folder Support
      Create your ebooks like you do web pages! Most HTML editors use a sub-directory structure to organize your HTML files and images. By choosing the top directory, eBook Generator will import all sub-directories into your ebook making easy to create your ebooks.

    NEW - Complete Plug-In Capabilities

    • Supports the HTML 7 Browser Platform (IE)
      Create Multimedia Enhanced eBooks! eBook Generator supports the HTML 4 browser platform with plug-ins using flash, java, DHTML, flash, midi, & much more.
      • Supports Flash Files
      • Supports Shockwave
      • Supports Javascript
      • Supports DHTML
      • Supports Real Audio
      • Supports Windows Media
      • Supports Midi Files
      • Supports any Internet Explorer Plugin your end users has.
    • 4 Windows Property Control Options
    1. Maximized - By selecting this feature, your ebook will be maximized to the the size of the end user's screen resolution. Most ebooks are set to this setting.
    2. Full Screen - When you select this feature, your ebook will be full screen. This means your ebook will take the not only the full screen, but will be the only thing seen on the user's monitor. You need to be careful in using this feature, as without proper instructions, it can frustrate your users.
    3. Width - This setting lets you choose the width of the ebook when it is opened.
    4. Height - This setting lets you choose the height of the ebook when it is opened.
    • CGI Script Support
      Because eBook Generator can seamlessly connect to the Internet. You can have full CGI scripting capabilities in your ebooks. Run forms, use advanced CGI scripts to make your ebook stand out.
    • Search eBook Feature
      Allow your users to search your ebook for the information they are looking for. With our built-in search tool, your users can find anything they want into seconds.

    Unbelievable!, that's all that I can say. First of all it took only about 5 minutes to compile my information into the ebook, I didn't think it would be so simple.

    But what really blew me away was when I asked you for suggestions about linking pages within my ebook. You got back to me in less than ten minutes, asked me to send you my files, and then you actually linked them together for me! Totally unbelievable.

    If there was a standard of what a webmasters should be, you would be the example. Thanks for all of your help and feel free to use my email address if ANYONE wants to know how I feel about your service.

    Otha Alexander

  • Ebook Generator Affiliate Customization
    You can brand all your ebooks with your Affiliate ID. If any of your customers should choose to purchase eBook Generator, you will receive the commission. We have a two tier affiliate program that pays our affiliates great commissions every month.
  • Disable Context Menu (No Right-Click Protection)
    You can simply protect STOP PEOPLE FROM seeing your source code. If they can't right click, they can't see your source. It is just another way of protecting your valuable information.
  • Choose Default eBook Window Size - NEW
    You can now choose the window size of the ebook. You many want your ebook to open in a certain size window instead of a full screen. You can now choose how you want your ebook to look.
  • Starting About Box
    Ability to allow your eBooks to display a fully customizable About Box on when your ebook is opened. This will make get vital information to your users every time they open your ebook.
  • I LOVE eBook Generator!!!

    I have several other eBook creator programs, one of which I paid more than twice as much as I did for the eBook Generator. I find the ease of use compared to other eBook creators is great. I had an eBook compiled less than 1 minute after I downloaded your program.

    Your eBook Generator offers so much more than all the rest, I can't believe the options and.... your really going to give me the NEW updates to the program for FREE!! WOW!! This really makes the program worth thousands!!! Thanks for an AWESOME program and I look forward to using the eBook Generator for years to come!!

    Anyone "thinking" about buying the eBook Generator should listen to the interview with Armand from the eBook Generator at the I guarantee after you hear this interview you will get the eBook Generator for yourself!!

    Armand, keep up the GREAT work!!

    Best Regards,

    Mark Call

  • Custom Bookmarks - NEW
    Insert a list of Custom Bookmarks into your ebook.

    Wouldn't it be nice to include a list of your favorite affiliate programs or products?

    Well, now you can with our new Custom Bookmarks. Simply add your bookmarks on Step 6 of our process and you are all set to make additional backend revenue.

    You can even choose to have the Bookmark Links open in a new window!
  • Open Bookmarks In New Window - NEW
    Not only can you include a list of your favorite bookmarks in your ebook and increase your backend sales, you can have each bookmark open up in a NEW WINDOW, leaving your ebook underneath and ready for your user to comeback.
  • Full Screen Mode
    Use your ebooks to make online and offline presentations and place it in Full Screen Mode. You can simply set it to "Full Screen Mode". By doing so, you ebook will take the full screen of the users monitor. Simply press the Escape Key to exit out of the ebook.
  • Toolbar Custom Icons-  NEW
    You have the ability to change the Toolbar icons shown in the finished ebook. You simply replace our icons with ones of your own choosing and style.
  • eBook Generator is a COMPLETE solution!

    It has many fine features and takes very good care of our over 6700 pages of text. Our presentation, control and security requirements are all handled very nicely. It has also avoided our having to maintain different font size lessons since the program itself (with the internal browser!) takes care of our visually challenged clients and students!

    Bravo, Armand Morin, for a quality job on eBookGen!

    David M. Shipley, Ph.D.,President, True Health University

    • Toolbar Button Text - NEW
      Makes you toolbar look like the real thing. You can choose to show the toolbar icon text within the software itself. You can show the toolbar text if you want to, or you can simply disable it and make the toolbar look the way you want it to.
    • Choose Your Toolbar Background Color - NEW
      Most toolbars have a gray background to them. With eBook Generator, you can select the color of your toolbar and let it be any color you want it buy clicking our Color Palette.
    • Custom Toolbar Logo Linking- NEW
      Allows you to include a your own logo in the upper right hand corner of your ebook. You can now even link to your very own website address when a person clicks on it.
    • Toolbar Preview - NEW
      As you make changes to the Toolbar, you can preview everything prior to finalizing your ebook. Simply click the "Toolbar Preview" button and you will see any changes you have made giving you the opportunity to keep them or edit them.
    • Disable Clipboard
      Disable the clipboard from being used. If your user can highlight your text, there is a good chance they can paste the contents to the clipboard. This leaves your information available for anyone to steal. With eBook Generator, simply Disable this feature so the user can't use it.
    • Disable Printing
      You can choose for your ebook to not be printed. All you have to do is check one small box in our software, and you can now stop your user from printing your information.
    • Display eBook Information
      Your new ebook will let you automatically display the Author's Information. This will be shown if the user clicks the About Button or if you choose to show the About Box on opening.
      • Name
      • eBook Title
      • URL
      • Custom About Box Information
    • Integrated eBook Help
      By simply clicking one button, a complete help tutorial will be included if your user should have any trouble using the ebook. This makes for happy customers and low refunds.
    • 4 Compression Methods To Choose From
      Let's face it, the smaller your file, the better it is. With eBook Generator, you choose how small your finalized ebook will be. It's like have a high quality zipping utility at your finger tips.
      • No Compression
      • Normal
      • Best Speed
      • Best Compression

    Exclusive eBook Tracking! Track Your eBooks and Then
    Customize Your eBooks to For Your Customer's Needs!

    Ebook Generator can now track all of your ebooks. This feature will allow you to realize your ebook marketing campaigns to their fullest potential.

    Monthly Stats: See how many times your ebook was actually used for that month.

    Daily Stats: See how many times you ebook was used on any day within the month.

    Screen Color Resolution:

    Last Thirty Day Stats:

    See exactly what IP address used and opened your ebook.
    See the color setting they viewed your ebook in.

    You can now tailor ebook marketing and creation according to your customers. You will know exactly what works and what doesn't work.

    This feature is only available in Ebook Generator Gold. You can't find this anywhere else on the net. Take advantage of this new technology. Click here to to start tracking your ebooks.

    You've asked for it eBook Generator 3.0 finally has it!

    You can now you can DISABLE your eBooks!

    Protect your ebooks from "online piracy" and even disable users who refuse to pay you!

    I have heard numerous horror stories about information being stolen on the Internet. It has gone so far as other people selling information that is not even theirs!

    You would not believe how many people have requested the ability to "disable" the ebooks they have created. I for one, can certainly understand why. You will too if you had any one ever cancel or refund an order from you.

    Have you ever had someone order your ebook and simply ask for a refund or cancel their order, but yet they still have your ebook and can read it.

    It doesn't seem fair does it? You now have an option.

    We have setup eBook Generator 3.0 to give you the option of having each user register their ebook first before they can read it.

    Here is how it works...

    1.) The user clicks the Registration button from the popup from the ebook.

    2.) Now they fill out a simple form about their username and password.

    3.) Once they do this, they can now read your ebook.

    4.) If they should cancel or ask for a refund, you simply log into your eBook Generator account and deactivate their username and the next time the user goes to use the ebook, it will not allow them in.

    When you purchase
    eBook Generator 3.0...
    You also will receive eBook Brander FREE!

    You will also receive the eBook Brander Utility FREE as part of our package. This utility alone is worth the whole package.

     eBook Brander will gives you the ability to allow your customers and prospects to Brand certain portions of your ebook with their information. You will have complete control over what they can edit.

    For example, your customers could place "This ebook brought to you by...." then their name. You could even allow them to place their URL information in the ebook as well.

    You decide what will work for you.

    You can use an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF BRANDER FIELDS. The process works the same way every time. Your user can change hundreds of brander fields with ONE CLICK! It doesn't matter if you have 1 brander field or 5000, the eBook Brander Utility will change all links in matter of minutes!

    Generator Software's
    Product Performance Guarantee

    If for any reason in the next 30 days, you don't agree this incredible package is worth every penny, contact us and let us know that show us you've deleted the product and are not using it anywhere in any way, and we'll cheerfully send you instructions on how to get a refund for your entire purchase amount.

    So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Let's recap what you will receive when you order eBook Generator today...

    • Ability To Create An Unlimited Number of eBooks
    • Unlimited eBook Disabling
    • Unlimited eBook Tracking
    • Unlimited eBook Registration Features
    • eBook Generator Brander
    • Lifetime Product Updates
    • Free Customer Service Tech Support

    There is eBook Software with less features are selling on the Internet for up to $197 with the eBook Disabling feature. I could certainly charge this price without one bit of guilt on my part.

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    We stand behind our software with a FULL-TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF to aid and assist you throughout the whole process. In fact, I have even given you a full audio tutorial and videos to help you in your ebook creation process.

    Compatible with Windows XP

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