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Manipulation: Secrets of Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Suggestions- The Book!
A. Thomas Perhacs 
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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Manipulate: To Control, Influence or Maneuver

Manipulation: The act of manipulating or being manipulated.

This could very well be the curriculum that you have been looking for!

Dear Friend,

Imagine being able to persuade or influence someone so effectively that they accommodate you exactly as you want them to, all the time, every time.  

If you'd like to Discover highly guarded hypnotic influence methods, unlock the keys to covert persuasion and control yourself & others through Self Hypnosis, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

How would you feel if you can become a "Controller", the type of person that "sets policy" wherever they go and whatever they do?

These very secret tips, techniques and advanced methods will allow you to covertly persuade and hypnotically influence anyone, anytime, all the time!

Are you aware of the power of simply structuring your word patterns in the proper format can lead people into a “Hypnotic Trance”, thus giving you the ability to take this opportunity to influence their sub-conscious mind forcefully and with complete control?

Did you know that just by using your energy alone, you can get someone to do what you want them to do?

As you read this and begin to understand the naturally persuasive mechanisms that are already in our everyday language and energy patterns, you will get excited at how easy it will be to cause someone to come to your way of thinking or instruction.

Before you think about whether this can work for YOU, reflect back to a time when you were able to persuade or influence someone to do something. When you did that it caused you to feel real good, didn't it? When you get this course, you will begin to realize that you are a controller and have always been, you just needed to be aware of the techniques.

                   Hypnotic Trance Mechanisms......

Has it ever occurred to you that you go into trance all of the time? 

Every time you are watching a television program, you go into trance. You become so focused on what you are watching that your brain takes a short vacation from thinking. And when it does that, your subconscious mind is open for suggestion.

 In essence the TV program is doing your thinking for you. It is programming your mind with whatever is on the screen at any given time. Why do you think advertisers use “subliminal” messaging in their commercials? They already know you’re in a trance like state, so why not take advantage of it?

Some call this, “Strength of Concentration” and it allows you to naturally go into trance. True persuasion and hypnotic influence has nothing to do with someone putting a pendulum in front of you and asking you to “Go Into Trance”, but allowing your subconscious mind to absorb this information in a new way that enables you to become influenced more than ever before.

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               The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

This is what we would refer to as “Conversational Hypnosis”, which means you are actually hypnotizing or putting someone into a trance with conversational tones and using advanced influencing strategies, that creates a pattern of deep rapport and understanding with whom you are looking to win over.

Many of us have been using this without even knowing it our entire lives.

If you could know for certain  there was a technology with which you could study which would allow you to increase your ability to…….

  • Influence people in business more powerfully
  • Attract someone of the opposite sex by allowing them to get to know the real you, more quickly and with you controlling the circumstances
  • Invoke strong bonds of trust, love and happiness in your relationships
  • Get someone to buy whatever you are selling like a true champion
  • Negotiate for the win/win at all times

Would you want to use it?

 What if I told you, that you can do it and at the same time be as moral and ethical as you are right now?  

Here's how:

This technology can be learned easily, and as you learn this, it will truly allow you to see the benefits of this and how you can help people in the process, because you will do it as a win/win process.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Four Reasons To Believe What I Have To Say...

Reason One: After years of studying with some of the very best master instructors of "Closed Door Energy Arts"Hypnosis & Mind Control, I can show how to easily and effectively control yourself and others.

Reason Two: I have been using these techniques in business as well as in my personal life, so I know the real world aspects of how these concepts work, and can show you how they can work powerfully for you too....

Reason Three: Some of the top hypnotists & mentalists are hopping mad that I let a lot of this highly guarded information out of the bag....

Reason Four: I have been successfully selling this course for 5 years with satisfied customers all over the world. I have been on radio stations throughout the country and have been asked as a personal consultant to those that seek reliable information on Mind Control and Hypnotic Manipulation.

Discover These Hypnotic Technologies Now


The reason We've decided to release Manipulation to the public is... because if you ever have to defend yourself against these types of tactics, then you deserve to know and "ARM Yourself With Precision Weapons to defuse a Hypnotic Predator!"

As you read on, I’ll tell you more about how these high velocity concepts, methods and tactics will help you but let me tell you some straight from the hip facts about the rest of the picture.

Fact is - "Most hypnosis courses are full of fluff, with no real content. Our course covers everything you need. We show you how to increase the most potent weapon of all..... YOUR MIND!"

Here Is Just a Sample of The Value You Will Receive in This Book...

This powerful thought provoking book will teach you everything you need in order to get your persuasion skills honed to a razors edge. You will learn techniques that until previously had not been taught outside of a few lucky people.   I'm here to divulge concepts, I know most of the Hypnotic community doesn't know, but now YOU can, my fellow seeker of knowledge....

With that said -  I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you exactly what this AMAZING course of instruction is capable of doing for you.

With Manipulation, Here are Just Some of the Benefits You'll Receive.......

Discover the concept of Hypnotic Distancing: Learn the six (6) covert influencing techniques to persuade at a distance, where time and space is not a limitation

Learn Mind Power Methods Used By The Master Mentalists: How to get into someone’s head and get them to verify that your suggestion is the right suggestion

Adapt "The Persona": Generate the bold and confident attitude of a “Master Persuader”

Unlock high velocity energy transmissions to get someone’s attention: Invoke someone to do what you want, when you want.

Quadruple Your Rapport Skills: Build Rapport with someone new like they were an old, long lost friend

Bonding Tactics that work like magic: How to get people to Know You, Like You, and Trust you on the spot

Hypnotize & Influence Instantly: Exactly what it says!! Instant induction methods! Put the trance on so fast, the person won't even know they're under your influence!!

Close to 70 Suggestive Sentences: These are some of the most powerfully suggestive predicates that all of the most successful hypnotists use to influence with control.Easily worth the cost of the entire book

Stimulus Response Triggers and how to set them: Use this method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a potent mechanism to recall the same state as when you originally hypnotized them.

Lose Weight, Earn More Money, Find Love: When you are the controller, anything is possible

Harnessing Your Voice as a  Propulsion System: How creating a commanding “Power Voice” will increase your ability to hypnotize exponentially

Use The Applied Transfixion Tactic: Five (5) super powerful ways to induce a trance like state within anyone at anytime

The Dominance of Autosuggestion: The 7 key ways to put yourself into a trance to create an even stronger trance in others

Applied Force Techniques: Advanced language patterns designed specifically to persuade and influence in any area

Instantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, Every time you use it....We call it "POWER MIND" (Advanced Concept)

How to guarantee your skills will work under "real conditions"!

Subliminal Influence at the Highest Level: Subliminal phrases that work so well you’ll think you are cheating

Create your own techniques on the fly that will work every time)

Instantaneous Suggestibility: How to phrase things with a smoothness that generates instant suggestibility

Initiate a Conversation with presuppositions: Recognize why certain sentences presuppose an outcome that you design

Golden Key Method of Covert Persuasion: Using emotional language to get people to want what your offering

Mental Re-focusing Techniques: The one technique that ties someone’s mind up so that you can gently place a command right in

And SO Much More...

Click Here For All The Details

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Quickly 'Snatch-Up' The highly guarded secrets that many Mentalists went to their graves with. We've searched and studied for years, and know you can have the benefits in this outstanding program of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence !"

Shhh...Don't Tell Anyone About This Yet But -

Included in this curriculum are  " 3 Mind Blowing Bonuses That Are Going to GET YOU EXCITED!"

YES, can you even begin to imagine what this could mean for you? Knowledge like this is hard to find, but even more important is the hidden training methods that go along with this....

Gosh, I mean... how do you beat that?

And to make it even better, you can use this information 24/7. It will be right at your fingertips for whenever you want to delve deeper.....

Oh and don't worry, We keep the confidence of our customers under lock and key....We have trained some of the top stage hypnotists & other performers out there (some you might even know of), so you can be assured we will never divulge your name or information to anyone.....  That means confidentiality at the highest level!

Just to give you a little idea as to how simple, yet powerful, this  is...Check out the wonderful poster below!

Hypnotize Like a Svengali (Cape Not Included!)

This book is cut to the core. All of the fluff is removed and all you get is exactly what you need at a cost that is absolutely unheard of in this type of highly specialized training.

           Incredible Value

The content in this book, if learned elsewhere would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, I spoke to someone on the phone the other day that mentioned they spent over $300 on hypnosis books and that this one was the only one they needed!

If you were to hire me to train you in these concepts, I would charge you $200/hour.

I wrote this book in 2001, but have been updating every year since. Once you buy a copy, you can always have access to the updated versions...FOREVER!

All you have to do is contact us and we will gladly send you the newest version.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain......

There are many books, videos and courses on Hypnosis, NLP, Persuasion, Influence etc, and many of these are excellent sources of information. The only thing that most of these products don't teach is the actual way you train to get these concepts  to work properly.

With our specialized teaching methods you will learn the devastating methods of how to train to pull off this type of specialized influence methods. Of course, if your the type that would use these for the wrong purpose, don't even bother ordering the course as we only want responsible adults using this highly coveted material.

               Why would I do this?

First off, I know that only the most diligent and persistent student will attain the level of mastery, so we are not afraid to put the information out there.....

Secondly, all of our best students, stay in touch with us by phone or in person, to get all of the little tips, tricks and techniques not contained in any of our programs....

Believe me, this alone is worth the cost of the book times 10.

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Don't Take My Word for It, Listen to What a Couple of my Customers Had To Say!

"Thank you so much!!! Just by skimming the book, I can already tell I got my moneys worth!!!! I can't wait to get started with it......Thank you again... "

William W.

Maybe this was luck, maybe Manipulation.

I did the dumbest things ever. I wanted to see how fast I would launch 5.7 V8. I ended up doing 96kmh in an 80kmh zone. Only for a split second or so. The next thing, blue lights start to flash, oh no the cops, I am way over the speed limit no chance of getting out of this. In Australia they will fine you for going 82kmh in an 80 zone no excuses. Cops simply don't let people off. To make things worse, I did not have my drivers licences or any ID on me. Now I'm in trouble.

The police officer approached me, I stated "I am so sorry I never speed this wanted to see how fast it would accelerate for a few seconds, I was speeding a bit wasn't I" The officer stated, "Yep 96kmp in a 80 zone".

I then stated "This is the dumbest thing in my life, you've don't it before, you know you just want to plant your foot down and see the car accelerate for a few seconds, but your a careful driver. It's just one of those guy things that you do once every three or so months, so just let me go....

The police officer paused for two seconds as if something had registered in his brain and said"Yes I know what you are talking about please don't do it again, drive safely and have a good day". No ticket

I am not going to speed again.

Rodney D.

Now, that didn't quite surprise me, but THIS may surprise you.-  

- I Have A Confession To Make! -

"I've been secretly leaking (I mean sharing) Manipulation to a select few people, just to see what they think and - do you know what their most common response was to just the first manuscript...?"They ALL simply said, "WOW!"

When you deliver the goods to satisfied customers over and over again, you get a reputation for getting people exactly what they want. We have shipped this course to every continent with the exception of Antarctica, but you never know what thefuture holds.

Warning: Do NOT buy any Hypnosis  Book unless it meets the following 4 criteria.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain

Make sure the person uses the techniques in real world situations. I will prove to you with my mentoring that I have used this information and can do it over and over again.....That is what you need...

 Is the information precisely laid in a way that makes sense? fMany books just add fluff pages to satisfy the publisher with extra pages of content. With my book, you are getting what you need at your finger tips with all of thenonsense taken out.

 Do they offer Mentoring or Coaching I offer private mentoring, where you can pick my brain and get the most up to date information on how to get this to work even more powerfully. Which will allow you to exponentially increase your hypnotic skills

Can you use it for multiple applications? My book, you can use for business, personal, romance, losing weight quitting smoking, etc. I give you the underlying methods that will allow you to control, persuade or influence your selfor others...

 You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth! 
Like we said before, we have charged thousands of dollars over the years to individuals who wanted to become proficient with these methods....

Trust me, this book is worth several times what we are charging and we challenge you to compare it to others on the market....

This information is precisely what you have been looking for.


Order Today and begin the process......

So what do you get for your hard earned money?


 Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence: You will receive the detailed written instruction book that covers the methods, concepts and strategies. The Book covers all of the word structures, patterns and concepts that will allow you to persuade with power...

Act Immediately and receive the Following Bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

******* Additional Bonuses ********

When you order this book by midnight tonight, you will be able to take advantage of other bonuses being provided... These bonuses by themselves are worth the entire cost of the course.

I'm not going to even try and put a dollar figure on them, as they are worth hundreds if not thousands in terms of the practiccal information contained in them.

As a matter of fact, if you don't think these bonuses are the best bonuses on the market, I will refund your money!

As a matter of fact, you will not find these books anywhere else. This information is for Your eyes only.. You will be amazed how good our bonuse books are!

The Best Part Is They Are Yours FREE, when You Purchase Today...

This is just a sampling of what you can learn. I am so happy for you that I have packaged this course with an additional set of Rapid Trance Inducing Books for you to study. for an incredible value and savings ,that will naturally allow you to be delighted with this. Here are just some of the important concepts you will learn with.......


Each of the following 3 books will be included in this special bonus package

Bonus #1: The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize

This unique book describes the power of your gaze and how you can increase it with the naturally effective devices included. Like many products that we have either created or endorsed, this one contains many insights that are truly remarkable and worthwhile to learn.


What you will learn with this fantastic book

  • Developing the intensity of your gaze

  • Mental Preparations for Hypnotism

  • Practice Autosuggestion

  • Build up your energy

  • How to Hypnotize easily

  • Reinforce the effect through suggestion

  • Utilize the "mirror" effect

  • Devices for developing a potent gaze

  • Using your hands as transmitters

This book contains some of the most amazingly powerful devices used for energy and hypnotic development and will allow you to easily increase your persuasion and influencing ability.

In fact, the information in this book is so obscure that you won't find it anywhere else because it is not readily known and is one of the "Master Secrets" of Hypnotism.

And now it is yours absolutely FREE when you buy Manipulation.

And much more high powered information than you can shake a stick at!

Once you order this information, you will agree that the bonuses alone are worth the entire cost of this mind boggling offer...

Bonus Book #2: Closed Door Self-Hypnosis Total Control Files


Let just say, that this book is explosive. Normally, you only get this book when you order my $147 Closed Door Hypnosis Course, but now I am making it as part of this "Hypnosis Book Collection".

This book covers all of the ins and outs of Self-Hypnosis and how you can get yourself and others into a lightning quck trance like magic!

Everyone who has my Closed Door Hypnosis Course, absolutely raves about this one book as a cornerstone to their learning.

If these two bonuses aren't enough to get you to pull out your credit card and order, then just see what I have in store for you for the 3rd and final bonus.

Bonus Book #3: Hetero Hypnosis


Talk about power...Hetero Hypnosis contains insights into every imagninable form of Hypnosis. Included are how to conduct stage hypnosis. Here is just some of what you will learn.

  • Rapid Induction Methods Guaranteed to Work
  • Hypnosis by Passes
  • Proper Instruction for Using a Pendulum
  • How to use Hypnodisks and Other Devices
  • Effective Methods for Use with a Metronome
  • How to do Sleep Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for Pain
  • Drug Hypnosis
  • Picture Visualization
  • Sensormotor Methods
  • Fractionation Methods
  • Hand Levitation Method
  • Counting Techniques for Success
  • Non Verbal Suggestion Skills
  • How to Produce Anethesia During Hypnosis
  • Eye and Arm Catalepsy Methods
  • Magnetic Hands Method
  • Ideometor Methods
  • And Much, Much More.

This one book contains more information than most books on the market and I am including it FREE of charge when you order Manipulaiton.

Purchase this today and get the totally bold and confident attitude that all masters of these secretive arts have.

By the way, the bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, money back guarantee

Your satisfaction is assure through our 90 day, you can't lose, 100% money back guarantee. We give you 90 days to review the product, try it out and even contact us for help to get the product to work for you. If after 90 days, you feel the product has not met your needs, we will gladly refund all of your money....Click here for more details...

"That's Incredible, But Let's Get To How Much This Is Gonna Cost Me ..."

Is this going to be some mega-expensive Book?

The answer, my friend, is a resounding NO!

Well frankly and I'm sure you'll agree, you're actually getting the most comprehensive training on the subject of Hypnosis, Hypnotism, Covert Persuasion & Influence... All rolled up into one, and although I could very easily charge a whole lot more for it - I won't do that today.

While I was writing Manipulation... I had some time to think about it and I realized that if you are anything like I was when I was getting started , you want information and a great value for that information, right?

Here it comes… You Can Claim Everything for Only $27 for an immediate electronic download...

This is the step that separates those who dream from those who achieve. This is the step everyone misses out on when they go to seminars, read books, listen to CDs and look to become a champion in any endeavor..... You MUST take massive and urgent action when the solution is right in front of your face!

Listen, before you wait and don't get this today, I have to be honest here... the thing is that I'm not certain how many of these I really want to allow out to the general public.

By the time you decide it may already be too late!

Or there will be just too many people using this and I definitely want to maintain a certain level of  exclusivity.

So Just Go Ahead and Do It!

The truth of the matter is  that - You can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they're getting with their martial arts training, or you can take the step to discover these insider secrets.....

Here's how to order right now!